Texas &

Malkolm's photo of a White-winged Dove.
Malkolm's photo of a White-winged Dove.

We've been busy getting ready to leave on June 21st & organizing events for more immediate sections of the Bird Year journey. It is now time to think about Texas and Louisiana! Please send us your ideas!

Easy Riding across Texas: November 27th, 2007 to January 20th, 2008

Carlsbad, NM to Port Arthur, TX (2088 km, 1305 miles)
Malkolm is hoping to find wintering sparrows as we cycle south. Wendy and Ken are hoping to dodge winter storms. We’re looking forward to the holiday season along the lower Rio Grande Valley. Malkolm is hoping to join a Christmas bird count or two. Then we’ll head north to Aransas to look for Whooping Cranes. We’ll also visit many other wildlife refuges along the Texas coast that are the winter home for waterfowl and shorebirds.

Sparrows, woodpeckers and Southern Hospitality (we hope!) January 21st to April 8th

Port Arthur to Mississippi and back to High Island (2000 km, 1250 miles)
We’d originally planned to cycle to Key West during this stretch of our Bird Year – then all of the way back to end our journey in Texas. We’ve now decided to spend extra time along the Gulf Coast in the winter. There will be lots of places to explore, including a trip into potential Ivory-billed Woodpecker habitat. We hope to look for Henslow’s Sparrows – and Malkolm hopes to help with banding projects. Malkolm doesn’t want to give up on seeing a Golden-winged warbler (part of our original plan), so he’s trying to convince us to loop back to the Texas hill country before arriving at High Island to celebrate the spring migration.