Mississippi, Alabama & Florida

Malkolm's photo of a Purple Gallinule.

Malkolm's photo of a Purple Gallinule.

Now that the Yukon winter is over, it is time to start planning events for the winter of 2008 (which will be warmer for us than the winter of 2007). Please send us your ideas for events, places we should go & people and birds we should meet.

Southern Hospitality (we hope): January 21st to April 8th

Port Arthur to Mississippi and back to High Island (2000 km, 1250 miles)
We’d originally planned to cycle to Key West during this time period – then all of the way back to end our year in Texas. We’ve now decided to spend extra time along the Gulf Coast in the winter. There will be lots of places to explore, including a trip into potential Ivory-billed Woodpecker habitat. We hope to look for Henslow’s Sparrows – and Malkolm hopes to help with banding projects. Malkolm doesn’t want to give up on seeing a Golden-winged warbler (part of our original plan), so he’s trying to convince us to loop back to the Texas hill country before arriving at High Island to celebrate the spring migration.

Migrating Yukoners enjoying the real migration: April 9th to April 30th

High Island to Dauphin Island (900 km, 563 miles)
Maybe if you live in the East, Prothonotary Warblers are old hat. Not so if you live in the Yukon. We’re hoping to experience the Gulf Coast spring migration in legendary “hot-spots” like High Island and Dauphin Island.

Bugs and birds (but no snowbirds) May 1st to June 22nd

Dauphin Island to the Dry Tortugas (1891 km, 1182 miles)

When most “snowbirds” are heading north we’ll be going the opposite way. After hearing stories of heat, humidity and mosquitoes, Wendy and Ken started dreaming about colder climates. Malkolm, however, lobbied strongly for going through Florida, telling us about all the birds we’d miss. He won the argument. We hope to end our Bird Year with a sailing trip to the Dry Tortugas. Our last presentation of the Bird Year, could well be at the Dry Tortugas National Park.