Malkolm's photo of a Surfbird.

Malkolm's photo of a Surfbird.

Most of our last ten "summers" have been spent in the Arctic. We're looking forward to wearing shorts and sandals for a change! Here are some of the preliminary events we've planned:

  • August 2 - The Sea Scouts from Port Townsend, a co-educational, nationally recognized club for youth, have generously offered to row us across Admiralty Inlet in a "longboat" (see photo to left) a replica of inshore boats used by Captain Vancouver ( is also information about the Sea Scouts on the Woodenboat website. Malkolm is hoping to see some interesting alcids as we cross the inlet.
  • August 3 – Evening presentation at the Dungeness River Center near Sequim, WA. Birding with local birders in the afternoon.
  • August 12-14 — Meeting with members of the Gray's Harbor Audubon at Ocean Shores, WA (details TBA).

Here is a general outline of our schedule for Washington and Oregon:

Getting used to traffic — and a longboat ride… July 30th to August 2nd   
West Vancouver, BC to Port Townsend, WA (237 km, 148 miles) 
We wanted to cycle through the Olympic Peninsula, but we couldn’t figure out how to get across Admiralty Inlet without fossil fuels. We thought of kayaking, but the inlet is a busy shipping lane. Now we're planning to row (with the Port Townsend Sea Scouts) in a “long-boat." The longboat is a replica of inshore exploration boats used by Captain Vancouver (

The 2nd most beautiful hike in the universe… August 3rd to August 9th
Port Townsend, WA to the Hoh River Trail, WA (175 miles, 280 km)
After three days of cycling along the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula, we'll swap our bikes for boots. According to Bob Morse’s “A Birder’s Guide to Coastal Washington,” a magazine named Olympic National Park’s Hoh River Trail the 2nd most beautiful trail in the world. The hike will also allow us to look for birds at higher elevations. Since we first made that plan however — we've heard that Hurricaine Ridge is another high-elevation option. There are too many great possibilities during a short year (even a leap year!)

Glaciers to shorebirds… August 10th to August 14th
Hoh River Trail to Ocean Shores, WA (119 miles, 190 km)
After hiking down from the high country, we’ll cycle south to Ocean Shores, said to be “arguably the best spot in Washingon to watch birds” (Bob Morse). We’re hoping to meet up with arguably the most friendly Audubon members in North America (although we’re sure many others will vie for that title).

The Oregon coast… August 15th to August 31st   
Ocean Shores, WA to Crescent City, CA (468 miles, 749 km)
We’re looking forward to birding down the west coast. Wendy will be looking for whales while Malkolm is scanning for seabirds. Hopefully there’ll be space in the campgrounds